We offer numerous health plans including PPO and HMO offerings which can be packaged together uniquely for your company. In addition, we offer Vision and Dental plans, both PPO and HMO as well. Finally, we offer other perks such as commuter benefits through WageWorks.

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is a company that is the employer of record for your team. It processes the paychecks, handles the periodic payroll tax payments and filings, provides the employee benefits, and handles the HR situations on behalf of the Client company. The Clients remains responsible for day-to-day direction for the employee.

Offering an attractive package of health, vision, and dental benefits to your employees is critical to your recruiting efforts. Attracting the top candidates can be key to your success as a startup. In addition, your employees have the peace of mind knowing their health is taken care of and they can focus on the goals ahead.

Many startups begin by using contractors, but as they grow so do the hours these contractors are working. The government regulations are very narrow on their definition of a contractor versus an employee. Startups often end up crossing that narrow line and place themselves in a risky situation. By hiring a contractor as an employee, and paying payroll taxes, startups can avoid that specific risk. You can always add our Benefits Services to our Payroll Services for a full Professional Employment Service.